La Traviata, Glossary and Works Cited

La Traviata, Glossary and Works Cited

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Aria: a solo scene in an opera in which a character expresses inner feelings to the audience, roughly analogous to the Shakespearean soliloquy

Brindisi: a drinking song, typically introduced as a toast by one character

Cabaletta: the fast final part of a solo scene or ensemble, which typically ends with a virtuosic vocal display. It follows the slower cantabile and transitional tempo di mezzo section, and in Verdi’s hands usually introduces an emotional change or resolution.

Cantabile: the first part of a solo aria or ensemble, cantabile sections are typically slow, song-like, and flowing in nature.

Coloratura: operatic singing (usually by a soprano) marked by virtuosic ornamentation and embellishment and a particularly high range.

Concertato: In this ensemble form, multiple characters weave their melodies together. It typically functions as a finale for the acts of an opera.

Reminiscence Motive: a musical theme that recurs over an opera as a reference to earlier events.

Scena: A typical Italian opera scene, structured with a slow cantabile, a transitional tempo di mezzo, and finishing with a fast cabaletta.

Tempo di Mezzo: a short transitional section in between the cantabile and cabaletta sections in a scena, it typically introduces a conflict or change in emotion.

Tritone: A particularly unstable and dissonant interval where two notes are separated by three whole steps. Over the 19th century, it became commonly used as a reference for something evil or scary.


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