Mindful Music Moments

Each day, introduce a moment of serenity and concentration to your entire school community through the inclusion of Mindful Music Moments. Currently, 22 Salt Lake City Schools are witnessing the beneficial effects of Mindful Music Moments, a program presented by Utah Symphony Utah Opera in collaboration with mindfulness partner, The Well.

Mindful Music Moments offers a collection of daily audio and video experiences spanning 40 weeks of both Spanish and English speaking curriculum for schools to broadcast over announcements or use in individual classrooms. These experiences blend mindfulness prompts with 3-5 minute orchestral music segments.

If your school is interested in enrolling for this program, please contact our Education department at [email protected].

Benefits Include:

  • A user-friendly web link
  • Establish a daily routine of serenity and concentration to bolster learning without compromising academic hours
  • A distinct password accessible to the entire school community, enabling students to engage with the program from home or virtual settings
  • Complimentary classroom resources
  • Guidance and assistance in mindfulness for staff, parents, and volunteers