Enter to Win Tickets to Heggie and Scheer’s “Moby-Dick!”

Utah Opera presents Libretti & Libations, craft cocktails composed by Salt Lake City and Park City’s top mixologists inspired by the dramatic obsessions, struggles, and risks of the opera “Moby-Dick” at Capitol Theatre January 20-28.


Snap a photo of—or with!—your libation of choice (tag #UtahOperaSips) and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to see a performance of “Moby-Dick” (winner will have the option to attend a performance on Friday, Jan 20 or Sunday, Jan 28.) Visit all participating Libretti & Libations restaurants to submit multiple entries before Wednesday, January 18. Winner will be announced by Utah Opera online.

How to Win

Step 1: Enjoy a craft cocktail inspired by “Moby-Dick”
Step 2: Post your cocktail photo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #UtahOperaSips
Step 3: Hit the next hotspot for another Libretti & Libations cocktail

Remember to use #UtahOperaSips on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook on your photo to enter the contest. Cheers!

Participating Restaurants


331 S Main St., Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: The Father Mapple
Mixologist: Ryan Santos

“This cocktail is inspired by its namesake, Father Mapple, a former whaler turned minister in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”. He gives a powerful sermon to a group that includes Ishmael, the narrator of the story. Father Mapple believes that the truth of all things is clear, and simple, and should be sought after by any means. Thus I’ve tried to create a cocktail that is simple, straightforward, clean, and inviting, so that you might seek after it.”

-1 oz. Salers
-1 oz. Lillet Blanc
-3/8 oz. Simple Syrup
-4 dashes Honest John Lemongrass Cardamom Bitters
-Champagne top
-Lemon peel garnish


BTG Wine Bar / Caffé Molise
63 W 100 S. Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Crooked Brow
Mixologist: Louis Koppel

“The inspiration of this drink is the album “Leviathan” by the band Mastadon, which is an album inspired by the book.”

-Bombay Sapphire
-Grapefruit juice
-Violette or Crème de Cassis


279 E 300 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Corpse Reviver #2
Mixologist: Andrew Cliburn

"Herman Melville's terrifying novel tells not only the story of the doomed Pequod breaking apart because of a madman's grievance (sound familiar?), it is also a story of survival told in incantory prose that has yet to be equalled in American letters. Current Fish & Oyster presents, beginning this January, its own libation companion to Utah Opera's adaption of Moby‐Dick, sure to remind you of the futility of our will in the face of wilderness, or at least of our futility in the face of Navy strength gin. We take a classic cocktail, The Corpse Reviver #2 which is gin, Cointreau & absinthe, and incorporate old school, full strength gin, the "full measure" as Melville writes in the early pages of the novel, the gin of the English Navy which must be alcoholic enough to light gunpowder. And then, after a spritz of American absinthe, we send it to you, dear reader, if you dare. We do hope you will need no reviving once you have the cocktail and experience the dark majesty of this new production.”

-Plymouth Navy Strength Gin


HSL (Handle Salt Lake)
418 E 200 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: The Other Leg
Mixologist: Clifton Reagle

“Our cocktail is a Rhum homage to the sailors of the Pequod and of course its infamous captain (specifically his missing appendage). Taking inspiration from classic booze forward cocktails we wanted to make a drink strong enough for the most seasoned sailor, but with balanced flavor. It is a mixture of Rhum, vermouth, and gentian liqueur that will definitely be your ‘white whale’ of cocktails.”

-Neisson Rhum Agricole
-Vittore Sweet Vermouth
-Aveze Gentian Liquer
-Salt water
-Lemon twist


Park City Marriott
1895 Sidewinder Drive, Park City

Craft Cocktail: The Sirocco
Mixologist: Ray Martirizar

“Sirocco Mix was created in the early to mid 1800’s - the same time period Moby Dick takes place, by sailors of the Royal Navy. Meant to ‘moisten the dusty throat of a sailor’ it has fresh lime juice which many sailors at that time had plentiful amounts of to fight scurvy. The Sirocco has spice, juice, a sweet liquor and a rich cognac kick to it served chilled.”

-Lime peel
-1 oz. simple syrup
-1.5 oz. VSOP Cognac
-1 oz. Luxardo Liquor
-Pinch of ground nutmeg
-Lime wedge garnish


454 E 300 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: In Culo Alla Balena (In the Tail of the Whale)
Mixologist: Hillary Merrill

“In Italian theatre there is a common phrase, ‘In culo alla balena.’ similar to the American ‘break a leg.’ Here at Stanza, we are huge fans of the Utah Opera and other local performing artists. We offer up this delicious sipper in honor of the talented individuals bringing us Moby Dick. From our crew to yours... In Culo Alla Balena!!”

-Beehive Jack Rabbit Gin
-Dolin Blanc
-Creme de Violette
-Grapefruit whale


508 Main Street, Park City

Craft Cocktail: The Last Whale
Mixologist: Nick Nile

"We choose to use Talisker Storm Scotch in our cocktail for two reasons. First, and the most obvious, the plot of the opera is pivotal around the storm in Act two. Secondly, we imagine the crew was drinking lots of scotch to stay warm on the Pequod during the month of December."

-0.75oz Yellow Chartreuse
-0.75oz Talkister Storm
-0.75oz Lime Juice
-0.5 Luxardo
-0.5 B+B

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