Libretti & Libations

Enter to Win Tickets to Puccini's La Boheme

Utah Opera and Salt Lake magazine present Libretti & Libations, craft cocktails composed by Salt Lake City and Park City’s top mixologists inspired by the love, desire, and jealousy in Puccini’s La boheme at Capitol Theatre October 7-15.


Post a photo of your libation of choice (tag #UtahOperaSips) and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to see a performance of La boheme (winner will have the option to attend a performance Friday, Oct 13 or Sunday, Oct 15). Visit all participating Libretti & Libations restaurants to submit multiple entries before Wednesday, Oct 11. Salt Lake magazine will announce the winner online.

How to Win

Step 1: Enjoy a craft cocktail inspired by La boheme
Step 2: Post your cocktail photo on Twitter or Instagram with #UtahOperaSips
Step 3: Hit the next hotspot for another Libretti & Libations cocktail

Remember to use #UtahOperaSips on Twitter or Instagram to check in your cocktail and enter the contest!

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What can you say, after so black a deed? You sneaked into my house, and by your artistry, your promises and your sighs, you succeeded in seducing me. I fell in love, oh cruel one, and you declared me your bride. Then Contrary to all the laws of earth and Heaven, after three days you fled Burgos, abandoned me, and left me a prey to remorse and to weeping, perhaps as a punishment for having loved you so much!

Participating Restaurants


331 S Main St., Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Requiem for a Parrot
Mixologist: Adam Albro

“Utilizing 3 liquors sourced directly from France, The Rest's Requiem for a Parrot provides a taste as bittersweet as life in bohemian France. Beginning on the palate with the sweet and complex taste of French vermouth and aperitif wine, it reminds one of the sweet young love between Rodolfo and Mimi. It finishes with the strong, slightly bitter note of cognac and allspice, reminiscent of the bitter end that befalls Mimi, and those who lived the bohemian life.”

1 1/2 oz Courvoisier VS cognac
1/4 oz All spice dram
3/4 oz sweet vermouth (Dolin rouge)
1/2 oz Salers aperitif
3 dash Honest John orange bitters


BTG Wine Bar / Caffé Molise
63 W 100 S. Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Musetta's Waltz
Mixologist: Josh West

“Combining ingredients from Italy and France in a bohemian fashion was the inspiration for this cocktail. With bright herbal notes balanced with a subdued sweetness, Musetta's Waltz will transport you to the Latin Quarter of Paris during the early 1800s.”

El Dorado Rum
Green Chartreuse
pineapple juice


279 E 300 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Antoinette
Mixologist: Andrew Cliburn

"Marie Antoinette is, like the heroes and heroines in Puccini's timeless classic, a tragedienne par excellence. Born into opulence but also profoundly into an unfortunate time and put to death at the hands of a fanatical mob, Antoinette has had countless retellings of her story - even an opera was written about her. Though Current's staple cocktail won't send you to the guillotine, it will remind of you of star-crossed opulence, lost loves, and times when bubbles meant elegance. With a hint of exotic rhubarb bitters and laces of elderflower, the Antoinette cocktail is a harbinger to the classic and the timeless."

Monopolowa vodka
elderflower liquer
rhubarb bitters
sparkling wine


136 Heber Ave., Park City

Craft Cocktail: Mimi's Consumption
Mixologist: Sean Palmer

"As Mimi and Rodolfo enter the market in act two she knows the "consumption" has started to take over. I only hope this cocktail would ease what ailed her and make her final days soothing and calming. The orange bitters are a nod to the market goods and the itilian ingredients for the mainstay."

Carpano Antica
Amaro CioCiaro
Orange bitters


HSL (Handle Salt Lake)
418 E 200 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: First Stitch
Mixologist: Clarke Holland (HSL)

“Name in homage to Mimi the seamstress, the First Stitch is bright, savory, and sweet in equal measure, and just like the first threads woven together by a seamstress on a new garment, this cocktail is a perfect intro to night of dining and drinks.”

Big Gin
Lillet Rouge
Cherry Balsamic Syrup
Toschi Cherry


Pallet Bistro
237 S 400 W, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Bohemian Martini
Mixologist: Bijan Ghiai

"My cocktail is called the “Bohemian Martini” since La Boheme is regarded as possibly the most famous of all operas around the world I thought that a take on a proper Martini would be suitable. I feel that a gin martini is quintessentially the worlds most renowned cocktail – with an added vibrant pearlescent effect from the golden pearl dust. "

Two parts nolets silver gin
one part lillet blanc
dash of orange bitters
pinch of food grade golden pearl dust adds a vibrant pearlescent effect to the mix


454 E 300 S, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Che Gelida Manina (Cold Little Hand)
Mixologist: Hillary Merrill

"Stanislao Cobianchi, the creator of Amaro Montenegro, was a noble citizen of Bologna. Against his parents’ wishes, he left the comforts of home to pursue a more bohemian, adventurous life. Amid his travels, he created this medicinal libation and named it in honor of Princess Elena of Montenegro, the second Queen of Italy. He, and many others, were enamored by Elena – who studied medicine and devoted much of her life to healing the sick and the wounded. Perhaps if Lady Elena had been by Mimi’s side – our young lovers of La Boheme might still be in each other’s arm..."

Amaro Montenegro
Fatalone Primitivo
luxardo cherry


508 Main Street, Park City

Craft Cocktail: Light My Candle

"Bridging the gap from the Old World to the Wild West. The High West Double Rye, being the base spirit, represents the Western culture and where the Opera is being performed. The Montenegro Amaro, an Italian based amaro, is an ode to the playwright Giacomo Puccini. Finally, with the opera taking place in France, the cocktail is finished with two classic French spirits, Benedictine and Boulard Calvados. By representing each significant location, we are able to pay homage to the European based opera from Utah in the WIld West."

High West Double Rye
Boulard Calvados
Orange peel
Served over an ice sphere


Under Current
279 300 E, Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktail: Marcello’s Sweetheart

Averna is an amaro with a heavy orange peel flavor profile, while Amontillado Sherry is quite nutty. The Rhum Barbancourt has notes of dried stone fruit, so the cocktail is a reflection of the chorus' song.

Says Partner, General Manger Amy Eldredge: “Named after Musetta's former love Marcello, this cocktail is inspired by the scene where Musetta arrives to the Cafe Momus with Alicindoro, just after the chorus sings (chorus: Aranci, datteri! Caldi i marroni!—'Oranges, dates! Hot chestnuts!’)”

Rhum Barbancourt
Amontillado Sherry
Cold Brew Coffee
Becherovka Whipped Cream

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