23 Jan 2018

Our killer-whale production of "Moby-Dick"

Our production of Moby-Dick made a splash, and we are fresh out of nautical jokes. If you want the inside scoop on this opera before this ship sails (we promise that is the last one!), take a look at these videos that will take you behind-the-scenes.
Did you know that we built this production from the ground up? Learn about the making of Moby-Dick from some of the creators Kristine McIntyre, Jessica Jahn, Gene Scheer, and Jake Heggie in this video.

Whether you’ve read the book, seen a movie, or just keep up on pop-culture, you probably know the story of Moby-Dick. But you’ve probably never heard told like this. Listen to composer Jake Heggie’s thoughts on the story here. (You can also read the synopsis here).

It’s all about the music. Preview the compelling and stirring music of Moby-Dick here.