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Utah Symphony | UTAH OPERA’s Podcast

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The stage is dark, but the conversation is just beginning.

Welcome to the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera Ghost Light podcast, a behind the curtain look into the world of classical music and the artists who make it. Hosted by Jeff Counts, the Teton Music Festival General Manager, and Carol Anderson, Utah Opera’s Principal Coach. New episodes are released regularly. Subscribe to our podcast below.



Episode 4.0: Jeff Counts introduces new co-host

Host Jeff Counts introduces our new co-host – Carol Anderson, principal opera coach for the Utah Opera. Jeff and Carol tease season four of the Ghostlight Podcast.

Episode 4.1: Jeff and Carol interview Daniel Charon

Co-Hosts Carol Anderson and Jeff Counts interview Daniel Charon, Artistic Director of the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. They discuss the dance tradition in Utah, collaboration with other art forms, the Utah Opera production of La Traviata, a story he’d like to set to dance, and a Ghost Light experience.


Episode 4.2: Symphony and Opera Myths Debunked

Co-Hosts Carol Anderson and Jeff Counts discuss popular myths that often keep potential symphony or opera patrons from coming to a performance.

Episode 4.3: Christopher McBeth-Musical Journeys

Host Carol Anderson interviews Utah Opera Artistic Director, Christopher McBeth.


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