Teacher Materials to accompany “Who Wants to Be an Opera Star?”

Hey teachers! Thanks for introducing your students to the Wonderful World of Opera. The following materials are designed to supplement the “Who Wants to Be an Opera Star?” Virtual Assembly.

Pre-Assembly Activities!

  • Intro to Opera PowerPoint: A 10 minute narrated PowerPoint that runs just like a video. Show this to your class for a brief preview into the Wonderful World of Opera and an introduction to Utah Opera’s Resident Artists.
  • “Play Along Quiz”: A printer-friendly version of ourPlay Along Quiz” for students without access to tablets.
  • We invite your class to make a small handheld BRAVO! sign to use throughout the assembly.

Right before the Assembly and During the Assembly!

  • Quizizz “Play Along Quiz” interactive quiz: If your students are using tablets, we will distribute a quiz code just before assembly time so your students can interact with our Opera Star Contestants!
  • ENJOY!

After the Assembly!

If you would like to follow through with more Opera activities in your classroom, we invite you to dig deeper into the Wonderful World of Opera with these virtual opportunities.