Teacher Materials to accompany “Opera Up Close”

Hey teachers! Thanks for introducing your students to the Wonderful World of Opera. The following materials are designed to supplement the “Opera Up Close” Presentation.

Pre-Event Activities!

  • Intro to Opera PowerPoint: A 10 minute narrated PowerPoint that runs just like a video. Show this to your class for a brief preview into the Wonderful World of Opera and an introduction to Utah Opera’s Resident Artists.
  • We invite your class to think of questions for the Resident Artists. There will be time for a Q&A after the presentation.
  • Core Curriculum Connections: Choral Music Standards – The Utah Opera Resident Artists are inspirational examples of what students can achieve when they master the Utah State Core Standards for Music. Remind your students about these standards and ask them to evaluate the artists after the assembly.
Bingham students at an “Opera Up Close” presentation.
  1. STRAND: CREATE – Students will conceptualize, generate, and organize artistic ideas and work. They will complete and refine musical works.
  2. STRAND: RESPOND – Students will perceive and analyze artistic work and process. They will interpret intent and meaning, and apply criteria to evaluate artistic work and process
  3. STRAND: CONNECT – Students will relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.   
  4. STRAND: PERFORM – Students will analyze, interpret, and select artistic work for performance

During the Presentation!

  • ENJOY!

After the Presentation!

If you would like to follow through with more Opera activities in your classroom, we invite you to dig deeper into the Wonderful World of Opera with these additional opportunities.

Dixie High School at The Pirates of Penzance Opera-Tunities Rehearsal