27 Apr 2018

Operas you didn’t know you loved: “Die Fledermaus”

For some, the world of opera can seem a little foreign. For one, it’s because they are usually sung in foreign languages (or simply because the whole thing is usually sung). In what other universe does someone sing beautifully when they are dying of consumption?
But one thing is for certain, you will not be lost in translation during Die Fledermaus!
This operetta will keep you laughing and engaged with its hysterical story, and it will be particularly easy to follow since it will be performed in English. Not to mention, Johann Strauss Jr’s score is as exciting as it is beautiful with its alluring waltzes and polkas.
This operetta has some recognizable themes. If you are familiar with the cartoon Tom and Jerry, you might recognize the overture. Even if you haven’t heard it, you’ll probably want to dance the waltz after listening to it!

Throughout the show, you’ll be laughing just as much as some of the characters. At one point, one of the main characters, the Eisenstein’s maid Adele, is caught red-handed wearing her mistress’ dress at a party by Gabriel von Eisenstein. In order to avoid embarrassment, she laughs it off by singing about how she is far too beautiful to be a maid (while referencing the fact that Eisenstein is also wearing a disguise).
Listen to Adele’s “Laughing Song” here:

Much of Die Fledermaus takes place at a party, so naturally, there needs to be some good party music! This show has one of the best drinking songs in all of opera repertoire. In this scene, they toast to champagne.

With music like this, you are sure to love Die Fledermaus! Get your tickets here.