28 Oct 2022

Ghost Light PodcastEpisode 7.02 – Behind the Seams: Every body is beautiful

Costume Director, Cee-Cee Swalling joins the podcast to discuss the work of the Utah Opera costume shop.

We all see the beautiful costumes our performers wear on stage, but do you know the process behind making each garment and fitting it to a specific performer? Cee-Cee takes us behind the “seams” at the opera production studio and talks about the work of the drapers, tailors, stitchers, and craftspeople at Utah Opera.

They also discuss body positivity in a fitting room, mishaps in the offstage areas during productions, and what topic Cee-Cee would like to see made into an opera.

Check out the work of Utah Opera’s ingenious costume shop in our upcoming production of Donizetti’s The Daughter of the Regiment.